Completely stuck together in the bag, the instant I unpacked these sticky buds I knew that I was in for some true craft.

First off, the smell – just wow – it is very apparent that this is a new batch done proper as I was met was a pungent fruity aroma with floral undertones. The brilliant green shades and golden pistils really make these dense buds something to behold; and upon smoke, revealed the amount of care that went into this batch.

Like the smell, I received a funky fruit taste with a great hybrid high to accompany it. And the ash – pure white – an absolute perfect cure, showing that this craft truly follows through on its looks.

I should mention: As part of Sacred’s craft line debut, the packaging was above and beyond – suited to quality of these buds. Aside from the great design, there is info on batch/harvest date, a vac seal with humidity pack inside, and qr/scratch code verification

Plus, each bag puts $6 towards addiction treatment and plant medicine therapy.