I am always into the looks of strains like these; tight buds, immaculate trim and resin thick enough to give it a greasy appearance on the exterior. This sheen helped to show off the array of greens, contrasted by patches of deep purples and thin rusty orange pistils.  The closeups show off the short stalked, well-balanced, fat globular heads that are literally carpeted over one another. The smell on this one was no different then most from AC; potent; with plumes of intensely gassy aromas quickly filling the room.

Found the smoke was potent on the lungs but smooth on the throat with thick full smoke pulling at the lungs after each toke. This was especially noticeable when smoking from the bong. A greasy oil ring also made an appearance after the first few draws with a slow even smoke and a near white ash. The flavors were just as potent as the nose with strong gas from start to finish.  Hit hard with heavy Indica leaning effects quickly making me sit back in my seat and enjoy strong euphoric and intensely relaxing vibes. This also had me with heavy eyelids about a half hour later; and fighting the urge to lay horizontal. No slouch in the potency department with a majorly relaxing high has made this my go to in the evening over the past few days.