Strain – Quad Pink (Quad Dog x Pink Kush)

Vistual/Texture – compact together with a good density allowing very little give when squeezed, crisp shelled exterior on this spade shaped bud, a sticky interior once cracking the meaty nug open. Mostly made up by a mossy shading, with minty green undertones, and dark purple hues found over the entire mass.  Cleanly trimmed up with a decent spread of short bright copper pistils, and a layer of frosted up trichomes covering the entire structure

Scent – emitting quite the powerful fragrance, that completely captivates your entire surroundings with its pungent fueled aroma. Sports a really strong herbal, floral fragrance twisted together with a deep diesel, pine, and carrying some more subtle citrus notes

Smoke – having both a smooth and long consistent burn, clean light greyish ash with light pepper flakes, and an oil ring that continued growing as the joint burned. The inhale bringing forth a potent diesel gas, with a floral pine taste, and a herbal, citrus skunk flavoring. Exhaling you’re palate ends up getting hit with a sweet floral earthiness, with an overpowering cedar taking most of the profile

High – Quad Pink Kush being an evenly balanced hybrid (50/50) definitely has me feeling more of the indica effects. Bringing on that stone that has your eyes feeling extra heavy, while raising your levels of euphoria, and enhancing your mood to sway in a positive direction. Relaxing on both mind and body, all while sub siding any pain that was previously existing. With motivation not being completely lost, I would still suggest later day or evening time use. Only coming with a minor burnout, but a significant strike of the munchies occurring