Small to medium sized, tightly trimmed, spade shaped nugs with a balanced amount of light purples and bright greens alongside rich orange pistils. The healthy layer of resin present made for a sugary appearance. Short stalks with a great balance of amber, cloudy and clear heads. Found the smell was delicious with some pungent rotten fruit and creamy notes with some underlying funk.

Flavors were almost perfectly mirrored in the smoke with sweet fruit flavors with some added herbal notes on exhale. Burned well with a near white ash with a decent oil ring midway through a joint. Found the effects again hit me between the eyes rather quickly with hazey vision plus an uplifting and stoney head high. This was paired relatively quickly with a moderate body load which had my lying horizontal an hour later. A tasty and potent Indica leaning hybrid that will be perfect for lazy afternoons or late evenings.