Some crazy sticky stuff. When I opened the nugs up, it was like peeling back a sticker. I could see the trichomes pull apart from each other. They were even creating thin little strands from sticking to each other. This stuff could probably stick to my wall.

A strain bred by crossing Purple Space Cookies x Tuna. I was really hoping this strain to be more cookies than tuna but it’s quite the opposite. It’s definitely much more gassy than it is sweet. It does still have some sweetness to it but it’s very minimal. You could almost say that the gas smell itself has a hint of sweetness to it. The taste is very gassy and earthy and doesn’t have much sweetness to it at all. It’s also true to its smell as it packs quite a punch. Unfortunately, I found it to be really harsh with a salt and pepper burn.

The potency is absolutely there. I would definitely save this strain for evenings as it’s a heavy hitting indica. That said, it’s also on the harsher side of strains as well and a little too harsh for my liking.