Purple Punch from Happy Clouds

Visual: These small buds were a medium green with brown hairs that blended in and highlights of purple. The crystal was the tight compact crystal and the buds were pretty dense.

Nose: The nose was pretty light and mute but I could get some sweet earthy grape.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and to grind. I could see more of the purple when I busted it up. It was a tiny bit sticky and the moisture level was good.

Taste: There wasn’t much to the taste. It was mostly earthy and sweet with a bit of a burnt taste.

Burn: It burnt ok. The ash was a bit salt and peppery.

Potency/Effects: This Purple Punch wasn’t very punchy. The effects build up a bit but the potency was around a medium level for me. I didn’t get very heavy effects and it was mainly a body buzz.

Overall score – 8.3/10