I am very new smoking concentrates.
At first sight i had a feeling this is going to be something special! Very premium looking budder. Dark amber with a wet waxy and sugary texture, very easy to work with!🥳.Smell is excellent! In your face piney🎄 with slight gas⛽ in the backgorund. Taste is super piney and stong enoung it lingers on the palate.This is very potent product! At first i was functional and talkative but but after about 10 minutes i melted away and was super stoned , found myself drifting off in deep thought and lost for words🤷🏾‍♂️..these concentrates do a # on me..high was completely in my upper body region in my head and shoulders and lasted a while. Excellent product overall and I’d recommend for late evening/night-time use!