Strain – Purple Pugs Breath by Queen Of the Quads

Smell – not the dankest smelling strain, fairly slight scent coming from it but I definitely pick up a nice earthy vanilla nose

Smoke – extremely smooth smoking stuff, easy to take big hauls off of no issue. Light white ash with a greasy resin ring that jumped in for the entire burn. The inhale and exhale taste was present but also not overly loud with the earthy vanilla taste, it especially lingered post exhaling

High – a great indica dominance leaves this strain being a better later daytime or early evening smoke. It isnt enough to couch lock but it definitely get your mind going and although doable, activites are a little harder to accomplish with the lingering distraction of the high

Quality: Just some beautiful coloring mostly consisting of the dominant purple with some slight green and some fire orange pistils, also nicely triched out. Buds were squishy and fluffy with some really great purple coloring and after grinding it up, the purple only popped more