A cross between Pugsbreath x Mendo Montage F3. The entirety of the eight arrived as one chunky oval nug with a near perfect trim. Bright minty greens, rich pinkish purples and bright orange to yellow pistils made for a unique visual appeal. The overly resinous exterior also helped to make this strain easy on the eyes. A closer peak revealed densely packed trichomes with mainly cloudy heads with occasional ambers. Smell was complex with noticeable herbal and sweet notes plus some added musty kush undertones. As it was busted it up it also released some more sour or maybe sharp citrus notes; either way it was enjoyable.

Smoke was clean and smooth; burning well with a fluffy grey to near white ash and hit with sweet earthy and mild floral/herbal notes. Immediately was met with a uber clear cerebral high and some mild increased energy which had me focused and productive. As I always follow through right after smoking with a review it made this process a breeze. Later I did notice some moderate body effects felt as a sense of calm and physical relaxation settling into the muscles of my limbs. Any time of the day smoke that would likely shine with tasks needing your attention, outdoor activities or possibly going to the gym.