Really nice looking herb at first site!
Fluffy,fuzzy,light,chunky well cured lime green with flecks of dark purple buds with patches of bright orange hairs throughout and coated in crystals and caked in trichomes so much the herb appears fuzzy. Smell is very creamy and fruity with some hints of diesel. Taste is very nice and unique and keeps me guessing, I’m getting creamy kush with some sweet sourness that translates to almost caramel like flavor near end of joint(1g). Kinda smooth,slightly resinous burn with a almost white ash. High is energizing,relaxing,uplifting and very cerebral from my neck up with slight heavy eyes and head but also got stronger as the minutes passed.Im feeling really good and very buzzed and find myself stumbling for words and falling into random deep thought as I’m writing. Excellent product overall tasted great and got me exactly where I wanted to be after a long day at recommend this herb for evening and night-time smoking.