Purple Monkey Balls rated as AAAA Hybrid 50/50
Unknown lineages speculation on parents include Granddaddy Purple, Mendo Purps, Deep Chunk and Afghani.

Super dense little boulders with a nice light amber coating and a neat trim. A deep mix of dark purple emerging from the core with hints of dark green on the sugar leafs. Looked just like the name it has haha. There was a lot of amber trichomes inside really frosty looking. Id say it was a bit dry at first but got better once transfered in a jar with integras. It sticked to the fingers like glue once busted open.

The nose was mostly piney lightly grapey. Once busted open i got strong notes of skunk. The taste transfered pretty well with the skunky side coming out on the exhale. Not super pungent but smelled was pleasant. Burned a bit fast but left all over white ash. Greased up joints nicely after 1/4 down.

The effects where really balanced with the lightly sweet taste its a good combination between the skunky / desert side really enjoyable. Easy to enjoy at anytime of the days relatively relaxing but hard to get couch lock.