Strain – Purple Mint Cookies

Smell – with the not exact known lineage you can easily grasp the distinct terpenes of the properly named strain. Stank profile of mint is the first to greet your nose, which then moves to the powerful cookie dough, and finally a small hint of berry

Smoke – just as anticipated this smell really carried over to the smoke taste. The inhale is a minty sweet dough flavor and the exhale is more grape and earthiness. Clean white ash, and a greasy resin ring to top it off. Quite smooth to take decent sized hits and not have any issues coughing off the hook

High – labelled as a hybrid but I would guess its leaning more indica heavy, it hits you while you’re still puffing away. Great spacey head high, very relaxing, and leaves you feeling at ease all over. More of an evening smoke, or later day with extra time to kill and not be productive

Quality: the trim is perfect on each of these medium sized buds. Some really great color shades coming from these nugs of majority purple, you find yourself searching for any signs of green. Orange and bright copper pistils, and a layer of trichomes make of the final pieces of these beautiful structures