Strain – Purple Mendocino Budder

Smoke – I’ve tried the Purple Mendocino strain a number of times in flower form but this is the first as a budder. The smell coming off this was fairly minimal but once inhaling you get the earthy grape with citrus terpenes coming out. Fairly smooth on the inhale with a bit of a tickle on the throat while exhaling

High – I found it to be quite the creeper high in general, not noticing until a few hits in and getting ready for another until realizing it wasn’t necessary. Fairly euphoric, struggled with keeping my eyes open, quite sedating, and eventually assisted with sleep. I usually stick to later evening for concentrates and this budder is no different

Quality: it has a brownish gold almost copper or bronze like coloration to the rock hard pebble formation compiled up. It was easy to work with and break off chunks of convenient proportions. Also able to crumble the chunks to sprinkle into the center of a joint for that extra cook out