Purple Mendocino from The Green Ace

Visual: This one was the least visually appealing to me out of the round. It has some tight compact crystal all over. One bud was a bit darker than the other bud. It was more of a bright green and the darker bud had some dark purple colouring to it. It was a little bit leafy.

Nose: The nose had a light coffee/chocolate smell and an earthiness to it. When I opened it up I also got some Pine and gas.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to cut and to grind. It wasn’t sticky and it felt a tiny bit dry but the moisture level was good overall.

Taste: I got all the flavours from the smells that came out in the taste.

Burn: It burnt well but there was a bit of a harshness at the back of my throat for a bit.

Potency/Effects: This Purple Mendocino had a bit of a punch to it and it built up well into a decent potency. It was a nice heavy feeling that weighed me down a bit. It was very relaxing and mellowed me out but didn’t knock me out.

Overall score – 9.0/10