Strain – Purple Megalodon (Great White Shark x White Widow x Snow White)

Smell – I’ve never heard of this strain before so it was a brand new one to smoke. The scent that it carries is just as mysterious as the lineage. The smell once exposed to the air was quite potent reeking of a dank skunk herbal and almost woody aroma

Smoke – the smoke was thick and dense with each haul, it burned for quite some time with a good consistency. The ash was a medium grey salt and pepper, greasy resin ring intact, with the inhale being a robust skunky herbal taste and then exhaling consists of a spicy cedar flavor

High – with the heavy smoke I found it brought on a fairly heavy stone. Good head high that doesn’t allow much to be accomplished post sesh. Leaving you nicely sedated with good euphoria, easy to get captivated into a game or movie

Quality: chunky buds with good squeeze, crispy to the touch on the outside, with a fresher inside once busted open. Olive green colored nugs with black undertones giving the bud a dark purple appearance, lots of thin bright copper pistils shooting out all over, and a healthy sheet of milk trichomes throughout