Purple Lights Sugar Wax and California Orange Budder from Gold Dreams

Purple Lights Sugar Wax

Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a dark orange with a tinge of brown. It looked like it would be waxy and crumbly and it was. The consistency totally matched the description of Sugar Wax. The nose was very gassy with some pine. It was very pungent. The taste was just as pungent and pleasant.

Potency/Effects: The Purple Lights Sugar Wax gave a good hit with some Energy and it was a bit uplifting at first but then turned more relaxing and calm with a good overall buzz.

California Orange Budder

Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was white with a crystallized sparkle to it. I haven’t seen a white budder before. It was very pungent as well but it was hard core orange citrus with a musky sourness. The taste was nothing like the nose. It had a flowery chemical taste to it.

Potency/Effects: It wasn’t as potent as the Purple Lights and it was more cerebral.