Thick and chunky olive-green buds with some purple tipped sugar leaves made a great backdrop for a crazy amount of complete trichomes and bright orange pistils. The tips of both buds were especially coated with resin making for the appearance of a crown that almost sparkled. As you peered closer there were again balance with clear, cloudy and amber heads. The smell was reminiscent of OG kush with some musty and pine odors but had the addition of some sweet and berry flavors as you squeezed the buds. A unique combination.

The smoke was smooth but powerful, filling the lungs quickly and feeling as if your lungs were being pulled on as you exhaled. The smell was mirrored well in the flavor, mainly dominated by the musty and pine odors on inhale; with some noticeable sweetness on exhale. The effects were Indica leaning but did start off with a noticeable clear head high before the body buzz kicked in 30 minutes later. This then led quickly to a relaxing and lethargic sensation felt throughout the body, as my every instinct steered me towards a spot, I could lie horizontal. Heavy Indica leaning strain that has some sedative effects you need to plan for.