Tightly packed nugs that had an obviously well manicured trim. Both nugs had a great cure with a lightly crisp exterior and an interior that felt slightly spongy, bouncing back from pressure nicely. The colours were also nice with mossy greens and dusty purples that shone below the greasy exterior. A close look revealed a ludicrous amount of trichomes that were stocky with mainly clear and milky trichomes. Smells were dank, funky (almost foul pungency) and spicy with some mild berry undertones. Really appealing combination of scents and likely the most pungent version of PK I’ve had in my experience.
Smoke also led with pungent and heavy smoke that filled the lungs quickly. Flavors were nearly bang on to the aromas with a mild woodiness noticed on exhale. Burned nicely though with a light grey ash and some small flecks of darker grey ash. Effects were headier then expected initially with my head feeling like it was in the clouds as I experienced an uplifted and overly cerebral high for the first 10 minutes. This gradually began to feel a lot calmer as the physical effects became the dominant feature as my eyes also felt weighted 45 minutes in. Easily my favourite of the three with the pungent smells/flavors and relatively potent effects to follow. Likely fits best into my evening routines but could be smoked on a lazy afternoon if I wasn’t planning on getting anything done.