Medium sized and moderately dense buds with a greasy sheen atop an array of greens plus some patches of dark and dusty purples. There was a respectable amount of resin alongside some short curly burnt orange pistils. A closer peek at the trichomes revealed mainly clear and cloudy heads. The typical smell for PK was there with mainly earthy and sweet scents alongside some mild herbal notes.The burn was good with a decent oil ring appearing mid-way through the joint; then finishing with a mainly white salt and pepper ash. Found the smoke to be very smooth with the same earthy flavors found in the smell. The high was felt initially in the head with a pleasant relaxing vibe that quickly spread to the rest of the body. Right from the start the high was very comforting which made it easy to relax and zone out on the couch to watch a movie; but would’ve likely been difficult to do anything else. I did experience some sedation an hour later which made the eyelids a bit heavy; which would have me saving this for late nights or lazy weekend afternoons.