Bag Appeal: The buds are really caked with trichs! handling the buds leaves your fingers dusty but not really stick though from trichs. The buds weren’t dense though, mostly fluffy and leafy. I’ve seen other batches have more color to it.

Smell: Smells a lot like like a skunky red wine for me. Not too pungent though, I have to put my nose in the jar to really get the smell.

Burn: Burned mostly white, just a bit of dark grey. Had a creamy earthy taste. It had a tiny hint of sweetness to it. I only really got some grape flavour with my Solo 2 but couldn’t really taste it as a joint. It’s really good in a vaporizer. Was a pretty smooth smoke overall.

Potency: For all the trichs you see on the buds, I was expecting more potency out of it. It was a good uplifting high, not euphoric though, more of a calmer happy kind of mood. What I like about this strain is that it’s not sedating. You feel relaxed but not in a couch-locking way so I find it a good strain for any time of the day really.