This can came with 4 healthy-sized nugs contained inside. Took immediate notice to the cure and trim –  very well manicured. Pale green buds with deep green, contrasted by light orange pistils. Quite sticky to the touch with a lighter density.

The nose was another highlight. Pungent notes of sweet and creamy blueberries followed by an earthy nuttiness. A little bit of herbal grassiness in the mix as well.

Smokes incredibly smoothly to pure white ash. Earthy & herbal terps with some creamy berry flavors coming through on the inhale. Mild taste overall.

Gas Garden’s Purple God certainly did not lack in potency. I thought I was strapped in for a sativa buzz moments after smoking. An intense hazy and euphoric cerebral buzz that left me pleasantly fried for a short while. Suddenly a heaviness behind my eyes begins to become prominent and then my limbs start weighing me down. Ended up with a heavy couchlock body stone that had me feeling sedated on top of the intense cerebral effects.