Purple God from Clean Green VIP

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cross: God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk

Visual: These were some very nice-looking buds. They weren’t huge but they had tone of crystal all over which just covered the buds. It was a dark army green with some patches of rusty brown hairs. They looked like they might be a bit squishy, but they were quite dense.

Nose: The nose was very earthy and musky. It was very similar to a Black Diamond but with a bit of fruitiness. It was very pungent.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to grind and it had a bit of a fluffy feel to it but it was not. It had a good feel when I was cutting it with scissors and it had a good moisture level.

Taste: That earthy and musky Black Diamond nose came through in the taste but more mild and still wit a bit of that fruitiness.

Burn: The burn was awesome. It had a nice ash, it gave lots of smoke and it was smooth.

Potency/Effects: Not much of a punch and the effects took a little bit to build up. It gave me that heavy, weighed down feeling like a typical Purple Kush does. I still had a bit of clarity in my brain for a bit until the buzziness took over. It would be good for night time.