Strain – Purple God Bud (God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk)

Visual/Texture – some visually gorgeous bag appealing buds, light olive green in color with medium emerald undertones, mostly with slight presence compared to vast majority of rich royal purple cast over the nugs. Plump round shaped, coming in both medium and smaller statures. Texture is slightly crispy to the touch on the exterior, and snapping into these gorgeous buds reveals the hidden sticky, resin, fresher feeling exterior. Bright thin flaming orange pistils thinly drawn out from the buds, and a thick coated layer of milky white trichomes

Scent – amazing terpenes emerging from this bud, receiving wafts of pleasant aromas each whiff taken. Exotically mashed up into a brilliant tropical scented collaboration mostly consisting of fruity grapes with a sweet herbal,  skunkiness, while also possessing a pungent earthy undertone

Smoke – sporting a clean burning light greyish, white ash, and a build of oily resin making an appearance shortly after taking a couple hauls.  Incredibly smooth inhales revisiting the familiar nose transitioning right through to the taste while smoking. Taking deep inhales of sweet fruity grapes, skunky herbs, and slight earthiness peeking through. Once exhaling you’re hit by many of the same notes dominated by a sweetened earthiness but continuing to allow the grape taste to remain intact

High – Purple God Bud an indica driven hybrid (70/30) that first approaches your dome with elevation to your creative senses, while being accompanied by levels of enhanced euphoria. Not long after you feel an entire inrush of relaxation slowly settle over you, putting you at ease, with a distinct calmness. Nearly impossible to hide the mood enhancement provided, this is a perfect strain that will have you nicely fried whether day or night, or a great strain to bust out for any social event