Purple Gods Green Crack rated indica
A cross of Purple Kush x God Green Crack

Medium to small nugs with a intense deep dark purple almost turning the buds black. The stem and veins of the sugar leafs where green but everything else was purple. Really dense and sticky once opened and just snappy at the stem. The exterior of this one had a little less trichome coverage and was a bit less sticky at first. But once open up it was frosty inside with a couple amber heads. And sticked to fingers decently.

Smell was a there before busting the nugs had a couple whiffs of classic p.k skunky earthy. Once busted opened it got a really pungent. The smell transfers to the taste on the same level but had a sweet and smooth exhale with a faint citrus ending really pleasant. Burned to a white fluffy ash and greased up joints with a small resin ring.

The effect settle gradually but rather fast you can feel you eyes start itching, heavy eyes and and spacy heady feeling as well as an intense euphoric feeling. Transfers rather quickly to something more sedative but the roller coaster is nice ahah.