Purple Gelato #2 from The Canna Society

Visual: This bud had a nice structure and nice visuals to it. There were lots of big fuzzy crystal all over that was very sparkly. It had a range of colours like light green, bright green, and some dark purple colours. It was fairly dense but it had a squish to it.

Nose: The nose was a bit light. It was sweet and herbal and a bit woody.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It ground up very easily and it cut up easy as well. It was a tiny bit on the dry side.

Taste: The taste was a bit more pungent than the nose. I got some of the sweetness and more of the herbal taste and the woodiness.

Burn: It burnt great! It had a nice light ash.

Potency/Effects: This one had a very good punch that I could feel in my nose. It built up well and it had a really good potency! The effects were relaxing and mellow. Good for day or evening use. It was not too sedative so you can still get things done and function.

Overall score – 9.3/10