Bud was handled well with complete densely packed trichomes on the exterior giving it a “caked” appearance. The backgrounds were mainly bright green with some areas of soft purple tones; providing a contrast to the long and curly deep orange pistils. Trichomes were a good mix of clear cloudy and amber heads. The terpene profile kicked off with prominent sweetness with some mild herbal and berry undertones.

The burn was close to perfect with some near white ash with mild peppering; and an oil ring a third through the joint. The flavor was moreso sweet, with some earthy and herbal notes on exhale. A well-rounded high with comforting and euphoric cerebral effects followed closely by generalized calm and relaxed sensations felt throughout the rest of the body. Nice mellow smoke without any sedative effects that could be nice in countless situations. Not really going to motivate you to do much but will help you enjoy whatever you’re up for.