Purple Drank Breath from Pink Llama

Visual: These buds were very fuzzy looking, typical to a breath strain. There were some bright green coloured leaves and some dark black leaves. It was a bit hard to see the dark leaves behind the creamy coloured Trichomes. It had patches of orange hairs throughout. It had quite a squish to them.

Nose: The nose had a savory meaty and musky smell. It was pretty funky.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and to grind.

Taste: That funkiness came through quite a bit. It was a savory meaty flavor. I liked it!

Burn: It burnt great. The ash was a tiny bit S&P.

Potency/Effects: It wasn’t very punchy but the potency built up quick and steady to a very good potency level overall for me. This was a nice hybrid feeling effect. I had a good head and body buzz and it was very relaxing for me. Good for anytime of the day.

Overall score – 9.2/10