Bag Appeal: As you can see from the pics, this is a really pleasant bud to look at. I just love purple strains and this one had all the visuals, density and trichs down. The cure is perfect too. Had 1 large bud and all others mediums.

Smell: I was hoping for a more pungent fruity flavour but it wasn’t that strong. Even in a jar after a week the terps seem to be lacking a little. It has more of a woodsy light fruity smell.

Burn: In a join, it burned salt and pepper. Had a pretty strong woodsy flavour too. I found it just a tad harsh in the throat. In my Solo 2 it it tasted a lot better, more of a fruity woodsy/herbal flavour. Produced some pretty nice cloud vapours too.

Potency: This is a balanced hybrid but I felt more of the Indica effects. This hit me pretty good behind the eyes to start and then you feel it set in your body. It is a really nice relaxing high. It didn’t sedate me but I do feel a bit lazy after the high wears off. So I would say this is a pretty potent one.