A near perfect trim on tightly packed nugs with backgrounds of lime greens and dark purple; plus, some fat rich orange pistils. The buds themselves were the epitome of a dense nug with absolutely no give when trying to compress between my fingers. Basically, felt like a rock.  Mind boggling visuals as the vivid backgrounds were further accented by the thick coats of resin resembling an amber and white shag rug. The smell was sweet, creamy and woody with mild notes of grape. When you broke down the buds the grape aromas became much more dominant which was a nice surprise.

Near white ash finish, a thick oil ring after the first quarter of the joint and smooth full smoke made the burn the star feature of this strain for me. Sweet earthy tastes alongside an overtone of woody flavors dominating the terpene profile. Potent effects started originally with a ton of euphoria followed by a hazey cerebral buzz. Found this eventually transitioned into some deep relaxing sensations that had me laying horizontal an hour and a half post smoke. Strong and long-lasting effects with this strain make it an excellent lazy afternoon or evening choice.