Large bud with a fluffy structure which had a variety of hues of green and purple that all appeared whitewashed due to the copious amount of resin present. Upon closer inspection the buds were slathered with tightly packed groups of short thin trichomes. Good mix of clear and cloudy with slightly fewer amber heads.  The buds were also surprisingly dense given their fluffy appearance and had good moisture balance and stickiness to the touch.

Smell was dank smelling with floral and herbal undertones, unique aroma. I found the smoke to be exceptionally smooth, burned well but needed to be relit once with a darker grey ash finish. The taste was reflective of the smell with pleasant floral and herbal notes. Buzz was immediately felt behind the eyes as a strong fuzzy sensation. This later turned into Indica dominant hybrid with strong sensations of heaviness felt throughout the limbs; no serious sedative effects for me. Could recommend as an easy smoking evening strain.