Strain – Purple Diamond Head

Smell – the smell on this strain was quite pleasant overall with a berry musk and some distinct herbal skunkiness. You can really smell the sweet blackberry terpenes as soon as you bust this stuff open. It is one of the more distinct/dominant smelling cross strains, and you can really note the black diamond lineage

Smoke – lighter grey salt and pepper ash, and a resin ring growing in front of the cherry throughout the entire doob. Flavor wise the inhale was a blackberry grape with a slight piney taste while exhaling it took on more of an earthy woody robust flavor

High – good later daytime or early evening smoke, it packs a punch but still leaves you functional and not totally useless. I found it to be a relief of any pre existing pain, and good assistance in the hunger department

Quality: very dark green almost olive featuring some black undertones colored thick buds, and fresh squeeze with good density. All medium sized nugs with a nice spread layer of amber trichomes, and bright orangish brown pistils. Great high with a good terpene profile to go along with it