Appeal: Being white and purple with very little green to this large bud. Totally caked out resulting in the milky white appearance. Has a beautiful crazy foxtailing.

Density: Being of a rock hard density. Very little spongeyness.

Smell: Has a sweet creamy fruity scent with a slight hint of earth.

Cure/Trim: Manicured and cured to complete perfection.

Taste: Tasting of a creamy sweet fruity purple candy, with a slight hint of earth and a bit of citrus.

Burn: The burn was expectionallywell, being slow countinious and even the whole way through the joint. Had a fairly white ash with just a minor peppering. There was a nice a grease ringer going on.

Potency: I found this to be a medium to high potency evenly balanced hybrid.

High: I felt taxed and sluggish when I woke up, so I smoked some Purple Dank Breath. Soon after smoking I was less taxed and not as sluggish anymore. I felt a nice europhia and was at ease with everything. This left pretty relaxed, but pain and ache free from mind to body.