Packaged well in a mylar bag that had enough air to protect the bud structure and making them appear untouched upon arrival. Buds themselves were medium sized with a near perfect trim and moderate density. The buds structure appeared wild with bright green backgrounds, winding rich orange pistils and a small amount of purple/black sugarleaves. The entirety of the nugs were coated in a dense layer of complete trichomes which were an array of multicoloured heads (amber, milky and clear). Smell was a mix of pleasant sweet aromas alongside some mild berry undertones.

In a joint produced a thick sweet berry smoke with a slow even burn and a greasy oil ring that popped up a 1/3 through smoking. Found the buzz hit with some enjoyable uplifting vibes that had me smiling ear to ear and erasing any stress from my mind. Found the high became more balanced 40 minutes later, with a heavy body load that had me feeling much more lazy and relaxed. A crazy bud structure, sweet aromas, smooth smoke with berry flavors and a nice hybrid high make this a strain I’ll be searching for in the future.