Strain – Purple Candy Haze (Purple Candy x Haze)

Smell – this strain sports a great dank nose that reeks of floral, sweet berries, all mixed with an earthy muskiness. The stuff has a decently sweet nose to it and carries a unique terpene profile

Smoke – smooth to smoke on with no coughing taking place. The taste translates quite good to smoke with more of a spicy pungent berry flavor coming off on both the inhale and exhale alike. Slight oil ring and it burned quite lengthy and consistently. The ash was salt & pepper, medium to lighter grey in color

High – with this being a hybrid with a slight indica dominance, I fealt this to be more of a later day time or starting your evening off. Brings forth a relaxing high, munchie inducing, but also I found focus not totally lost

Quality: decent sized all around with a blend of minty and emerald green coloring with purple undertones throughout. Dense yet squishy nuggets, and really stick resinous buds. Made up of thin brownish copper pistils, and sprinkled in a layer of frosty trichomes