Strain – Purple Bubba (Bubba Kush x Purple Kush)

Smell – this is becoming one of those overall I found the smell on this strain to be quite pleasant with a skunky earthy nose off the bubba paired up with subtle grape hints

Smoke – the flavor profile on the strain was an earthy dank skunky taste with spiciness while taking the inhale, then transferring to a musky,  thick smoke on the exhale. Taking pulls off this created a medium grey salt & pepper ash, and it also sported a resin ring within the first couple hauls

High – this is more for later daytime or early evening time use. An equal balance of both indica and sativa. Elevating your creativity, appetite, and leaving you in a euphoric state. The burnout also doesn’t seem to be anything that was noticeable by any means

Quality: decently thick bud of medium portions, spongy and fresh to the squeeze. Really dark forest green with plenty of purple coming through casting a nice spread of purple and green hues throughout the formations, threaded with bright copper pistils reaching out over a portion of the nugs, and a thinly layered shield of triches