Really nice looking herb at first sight!

Tight,spongy,moist well manicured colorful buds im seeing predominantly lime green with dark purple tips but im also seeing dark greens light purples and golden copper when broken open. Covered in thick patches of light and vibrant orange hairs and completely caked in crystals and furry gleaming trichomes.Smell is very subtle but once agitated/busted im getting sweet and creamy candy notes with some earthyness. Taste is nice! Earth sweet creamy vanilla with a little bit of sour. Burn is a little harsh(because herb is very potent) but slow and resinous with a salt and pepper ash! This is some potent herb! High is cerebral and strong. Full body relaxation with a very heavy head and eyes, im also feeling happy/euphoric, chilled out, slightly dazed and find myself drifting as im writing (goonies movie on in the background and I’m loving it!!) Great herb overall! I’m very buzzed and taste was decent!! I’d recommend this for night-time smoking or using as a sleep aid!