First time with this strain and the smell out of the bag leans heavily to its Mendo Breath heritage. As it unleashed sour, herbal and mild citrus notes that were all overpowered by a strong funk on the tail end. It also did tend to have a bit of doughy undertones. Buds were long and sticklike with faint peach pistils and an immense amount of resin coverage giving it a white or slightly amber hue. The background plant colour was dark with forest greens and deep purple to nearly black sugar leaves peering through the trichome coverage. A close look revealed long thin trichome stalks with a good amount of milky and amber heads present that were seriously stacked.

Smoke was smooth burning nice and clean in a jay with a near white ash with minor peppering; providing a full smoke that hit the lungs with a full and thick smoke. Wonderful taste with some doughy, herbal and mildly spicy flavors on inhale and exhale. Found myself feeling almost immediately relaxed with a spacey and stoned cerebral buzz as physical effects felt as heaviness slowly crept throughout my body. Found this one provided an enjoyable and strongly Indica leaning strain that is perfect for sitting back and enjoying a slow-paced day. Would also be ideal for winding down in the evening. Either way there are some definite sedative effects at play after smoking a few times, so heads up.