Appearance 👀
The appearance is awesome on this on. The buds were large, and kinda a olive green color with dark purple throughout it and little brown hairs poking threw. The trichomes were thick and light brown, they was covering the whole entire bud. The buds are pretty dense as well.

Smell 👃🏼
The smell is bomb, it’s super pungent smelling with sweet wild berries undertones. Kinda reminds me of berry vinaigrette with some spices in it. As you open the jar it punches you right in the face with the smell and will stick up the car or house. 🤭

Taste/Burn 👅 🔥
The taste is super unique, as you inhale you get a very sweet berry taste with undertones of earthiness, the exhale and after taste is definitely the best part, it leaves a cookie dough taste in your mouth that is amazing, it reminds me of dried fruit cookie. The burn was clean, thick smoke mostly all white ash.
High ☺ 💨
The high was like a punch to the face about half way through the joint. It started as a energetic feeling, with euphoric but by the end of the joint I definitely started to feel a lot more relaxed and wanted to chill. I didn’t lose all my energy which is nice, definitely took my hand soreness away and same with what I was stressing about, truly a amazing strain.