This heavily coated and just glistening with trichomes flower is called Primus. Consisting of large chunky dense buds that have a magnificent cure and trim job, there’s not a leaf insight. Having a near rock hard density with a nice stickyness to the flower. Has aroma of delectable dank fruity spicy sweetness with piney woodsy notes, making it a very unique smell.

When smoked I received a taste like how it smelt, a sickly sweet fruity spicyness with a pine and earthy taste. Smoke was insanely smooth and pleasantly fulfilling. Burned impeccable in a joint having a continuous, slow and even burn the whole way through. There was a real nice grease ringer and the ash was white.

This is a a high potency indica dominate hybrid. About half way through the joint I suddenly started to feel very uplifted and a spacey heady europhia. I was engerized for a short period. This numbed my muscle aches and had me giggty feeling. A moderate sedation took hold of me and knocked me out early.