Strain – Presidential Pink

Visual/Texture – a big mass of a bud, tightly compact dense structure with little give on the squeeze. Featuring a trio of color shading throughout the entire formation, made up of both lime and a rich emerald green, along with  vibrant purple hues. Thin pistils light orangish brown threaded all over the giant nug, and iced out in a layer of frosted white trichomes

Scent – a very powerful aroma reeking fumes off of the Presidential Pink, containing a pungent pink terpene profile. An over masked floral fragrence with a diesel gas holding the front line, while sporting hints of sweet vanilla, and a piney earthiness upon the background essence

Smoke – a taste nearly identical to the nose being given off. Every pull bringing forward the gas infused floral flavoring, with notes of pine, and subtle vanilla taste. On the exhale, you’re received by woody profile with an earthy floral taste that slowly dissipates shortly after. There’s a medium grey ash with salt and peppering all over, and a greasy resin ring forming within the first few puffs

High – this hybrid of indica dominance (70/30) hits you with some strong euphoria, and assists in the mood elevating department. A strong relaxing feeling washes over your entire body, relieving any pain that was existant previously. Eventually a burn out catches up to you, but prior to that munchies will require some attention