Medium sized and significantly dense fat spade shaped nugs had multitudes of greens in the background with some dark purple patches. These colours alongside the greasy looking exterior made for some catching visuals. Found the moisture level and stickiness of the buds were on point. In the crevices the trichomes were short stalked with fat clear and cloudy globular heads. The buds were also excessive sticky which made both using a grinder and busting it up by hand a task. Smells were top notch with intensely gassy and clean citrus aromas that was so damn nice.

Smoke on this was great with the same gassy and citrus notes hitting with powerful and thick clouds that filled the lungs quickly. Burned nicely with a lighter grey ash with some minor peppering but was greaaaaasy all the way through. Effects were impressive with effects that initially had me with an overly stoned head high making it difficult to string thoughts together. This mellowed out when a heavy physically relaxing body high started dominating the effects.  This one has a high risk of couchlock amateurs should take note of. Had always been looking to try this strain and I was not disappointed.