The second you remove the lid off this stuff you are instantly smacked with a ridiculously pungent sweet diesel odor. This strong and heavy nose is accented by some creamy citrus terps which truly make these diamonds a terp lovers dream. I’m a big fan of these chunky diamonds, but I do wish there was a bit more loose sauce present so I could really terp up some dabs. This stuff is visually beautiful with an almost white/clear colour! But in reality there is a very light yellow/amber tinge but it‘s so light at first glance I thought it was perfectly clear. The flavour on this is exactly as it smells; there’s a candy like sweetness matched with a citrusy diesel which always leaves me impressed. The burn is clean leaving very little to no residue and the smoke is perfectly smooth with literally no cough. The high comes on quick and is a bit racy with mostly energetic and creative effects. While the high may entice you into doing some activities, the sheer potency will make them difficult to perform. I’d say this stuff is perfect for a fun day at the beach or anything along those lines. Absolutely would recommend this strain in particular! 💯👌