Big and beautiful chunky nugs of this fantastically grown Papaya Punch by Poncho Farms. My first time trying something from this craft grower and I am extremely happy to have grabbed this strain. The buds are of a perfect texture, being decently sticky but snapping off the stems with ease. Nice bright green appearance, blanketed by frosty trichomes, and I can spot some purple hues as well, more so on the leaves. Great overall bag appeal.

The profile of this flower is next level especially after grinding it up. There is nothing that even gives away that it’s indeed marijuana. Sweet and rich aromas of papaya and citrus, but doughy and creamy as well. I can’t pin point what dessert it reminds me but it’s definitely something. Produces a very flavourful and smooth smoke as well, with added hints of fruity spice on the exhale. Tastes great in a joint from spark to finish with a light, fluffy ash.

A tropical cross of Papaya and Purple Punch that offered an extremely uplifting type of high that was no slouch in the potency department. Felt like a really balanced hybrid in it’s effects, as it was also very relaxing. Smoked this one a few times now in the morning and I’ve never been heavily burned out afterwards. Quite the heady and cerebral high as well. Will be trying to savour this one for a while!