Polynesian Thin Mint
(Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off BX1)
Grade: AAAA/Craft
Price:$125 14g
Company: Kootenay Botanicals
Website: kootenaybotanicals.com
Growers: Oso Fuego

Beautiful smelling and good looking herb at first sight and love the tin it came in very modern and takes product up another level! This is some very special herb and I don’t say that much!

Sticky,tight,chunky,large/medium,moist well grown and well manicured buds!! Color is pretty even between dark forest and lime green that has a very Greasy look!!! Covered in thick patches of long curly bright and dark orange hairs, and completely caked in thick snow ❄ like crystal and gleaming trichomes that makes the bud look like a geode when broken open.Smell is very unique and and complex very pungent refreshing lemon citrus earthy berries with hints of gas that reminds me of a roasted fruity/berry garlic meal(very savory) definitely some very interesting and special herb!! Taste is very interesting and unique. I’m getting a refreshing sweet minty with a pungent creamy vanilla sour gas! This herb has a very complex delishious taste that keeps me guessing wth is going on on my palate lol. Slow resinous smooth burn with a small oil ring midway through joint(1.5g) with a almost white ash with specks of pepper. High is uplifting,very euphoric/happy,alert and very relaxed! Pretty couch locked and drifting in and out of deep thought 🤷🏾‍♂️with heavy eyes and full body numbness!! It took a minute to kick in but this is a very potent herb. Excellent herb overall!!! Looks very nice and tasted next level and has me very stoned!(almost couldn’t finish the joint) I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking or easily using as a sleep aid for all levels of smokers!