Arriving in a wide shoulderless jar, unfortunately with some of the sauce outside of lid itself. Rich orange sappy sauce that perfectly coated all the small to large diamonds. Smells were very clean with strong notes of spices, herbal notes and a mild minty/woody nose. Almost refreshing to take a whiff of.

Found the diamonds easy to collect for a reasonable dab. Somewhat tacky and sticky with the runny Terp sauce all over. Found the melt was exceptionally clean and provided some delicious flavors that were identical to the nose. Found the high to be intensely euphoric, hitting me first in the noggin and later having me really relaxed and stress free. No serious sedation but definitely got me ripped for the next two hours. Wicked option to get you feeling great quickly. I doubt if be smoking this during the day as I just found myself too buzzed to be social, maybe if I eased back on the size of the dab id be more functional. Otherwise Ill keep this as an evening affair.