First time I’ve heard of the strain, including the parents on either side; being a cross of Platinum Bubba x Pina Colada (CBD Lilly). I am going to start off with the nose on this one because it lives up to its name and may be one of the first cannabis products, I’ve personally had that resembles the smell of pineapples. Sweet syrupy aromas, alongside tropical fruity notes, ending with some mild herbal spiciness. The concentrate itself presented as large glassy boulders with a light coating of sauce on the exterior giving it a light-yellow tinge. These were also less tacky or sticky compared to the other two I had already tried, making it slightly more challenging to collect a dab that wasn’t over the top or undersized.
Taste was moreso sweet citrus with some mild herbal kush flavors on the tailend. Another clean melting product that produced a uber smooth vapor that was easy on the lungs. Effects were immediate and intensely felt behind the eyes with overly heady effects that had me feeling energetic and uplifted. These increased energy levels kept me fairly focused for the first 45 minutes until some moderate physical effects finally started slowing me down. Great hybrid effects that leaned moreso towards Sativa vibes, with zero sedative effects to speak of. A perfect afternoon option to enjoy a beautiful day without feeling lethargic or burnt out afterwards.