Appearance 👀
The appearance of this strain was pretty great. The bed were small/medium in size. The colors of this bud were amazing, light great with some purple in it but what really makes it pretty is the little brown hairs poking throughout the bud. The bud was almost white because of the layer on trichomes is caked on the entire bud. ❄

Smell 👃🏼
The smell is definitely different. Their is a couple smells I get right off the bat. The first is obviously Kush with some sweetness but little hints of earthiness/nutty. Busted up it has a funky smell kinda like a mix of all but its awesome, I love different/unique smells. If you have a chance to get it i would. 🥜

Taste/Burn 👅🔥
The taste was kinda what IĀ  expecting, as you inhale you get a sweet nutty taste, kinda like a candied nuts. The exhale was definitely a kush tasting, the after taste after was a mix of both and lasted a while in my mouth. The burn pretty clean as well. Burn mostly white and had a nice oil ring around the joint. 🤤

High ☺💨
The high was perfect almost, it was a mix of effects. I started to feel it in my head half way through the joint. I felt uplifted and euphoric but after finishing the joint, I went and sat on the couch and watched a show. I didn’t noticed how couched locked i was until I tried to go get some food. There wasn’t much of a burn out, I was a little tried after but thats to be expected with a indica dominant strain. 🛋