Strain – Platinum Kush Breath by Pacific Bud Boys

Smell – this strain has a really sweet nose on her, and you can tell instantly once smelling into this bag. It sports a very sweet dough smell mixed up with a earth floral and an almost cheese scent to it

Smoke – fairly clean salt and pepper ash that was on the lighter side, with oil ring intact on the second puff. I found the inhale to have the earthy skunk flavor and the exhale was also earthy with a floral mix

High – this strain is a later day or evening time stone, it brings forth heavy eyes and will relax you right up. It’s an indica dominant strain and that is no secret, another noted plus was the ease of pain relief. I would say to wipe your agenda post blaze because not much will be going down

Quality: these nugs are frosted in trichomes layered over top of emerald green colored buds, with quite a few amber pistils throughout. For the most part, they are majority smaller sized buds with some medium amongst the bag, all having a crispy exterior with a squishy sticky inside feel. Love the breath strains and this is no disappointment