Platinum Bubba-  This strain stung the nose when i opened the bag with the classic bubba stink.  This was a nice occurrence as the last few bubba i have gotten lacked this in your face smell.  The dank smell caused even my wife to send me outside to finish this review.  The buds were pretty dense with beautiful bright greens and sporadic orange hairs peeking out from under an ample layer of trichomes that encompassed the entire bud.  Upon breaking up with bud the bubba smell was intoxicating and made you crinkle you nose a bit it was so strong.  The smoke revealed white ash and a profile of kush, bubba, earth and gas that mixed together to create a super tasty white smoke.  There was little harshness on exhale but the kush notes were much more prominent on the tongue.  The high from this was felt right behind the eyes immediately and just spread slowly from there until it was a full body buzz.  What i was surprised about was that this high did not put me to sleep like many bubbas, it made me extremely hungry and wanting to watch tv.