Hey folks, I got this wonderfully light tasting budder in from West Coast Releaf, my first order from them so I was definitely excited!

First impressions were good! For the price, I am usually weary but this comes well packaged and labelling is on point, both good signs of care on the sellers front. Visually the budder is reminiscent of dried organic peanut budder and is easily scooped and packed, another good sign, and smells faintly of fresh bud and dried sage. I helped myself to a nice fat spoon full into my rig and found a very pleasant and unique taste of watermelon rinds and cucumber skins, someone let me know if you know any other Cucumber Melon Terp strains, I’d love to try it. The burn was super clean and left no residue at all in my quartz enail at 600C and the vapour did not feel heavy or overwhelming in my lungs at all but gave an instant between the eyes Blem that had me smiling the equator of my football head but getting so much done.

I can definitely say I recommend this concentrate, and at the price point Releaf has it at, it’d be crazy not to try it at least once.